2017 IIIF Conference at The Vatican, June 7th - 9th

We are very much looking forward to this event which is shaping up nicely. It is amazing the level of progress and adoption of this standard over the last couple of years, this event is very much a reflection of that.

There is a really great schedule of talks for this event which you can check out here: https://2017iiifconferencethevatican.sched.com/

Well worth a trip! Registration info is available here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2017-iiif-conference-in-the-vatican-tickets-31523612975

Below is a list of our speaking slots. If you are new to IIIF and would like a primer then checkout our introduction here.

Monday June 5th

Pre Conference Universal Viewer Meeting

There will be an introduction to the UV for newbies who would like to learn more.

Full Agenda here.

Tuesday June 6th

IIIF Showcase: Unlocking the World’s Digital Images

IIIF AV and Beyond

This presentation will provide an overview of the current work and possibilities for interoperable Audio and/or Video materials via IIIF, as the IIIF A/V Technical Specification group works to extend the IIIF Presentation API to include a time dimension. In the future, the IIIF community will also be looking to incorporate 3D resources in IIIF. 

Speaker: Tom Crane, Technical Director, Digirati

Wednesday, June 7

IIIF A/V Technical Specification Group Update 10.15am

An update on status of the specification

Speaker: Tom Crane, Technical Director, Digirati

IIIF Discovery Technical Specification Group Update 10.20am

An update on status of the specification

Speaker: Matt McGrattan, Head of Digital Library Solutions, Digirati

Lightning Talk 1 IIIF-powered Discovery through generous interfaces 11am

A preview overview of the demo session below.

Speaker: Tom Crane, Technical Director, Digirati

Demo Session: IIIF-powered Discovery through generous interfaces 3:35pm - 5:00pm

A quick look at how we’re using IIIF and W3C Annotations in our work for The Royal Society and the Indigenous Digital Archive to produce engaging, user-driven web sites. These projects have different visual appearances and show very different material. Our UX work has shown us how to drive these different experiences using the same underlying standards. We use the combination of tagging and IIIF-aware search to aggregate images and text by topic, providing multiple routes to discover the same content.

Speaker: Tom Crane, Technical Director, Digirati

Friday, June 9

Presentation: “IIIF-First”: delivering on the promise of interoperability 10:00am - 10:30am

We have been developing a platform that integrates a number of services which let you enrich any IIIF content - it may be your own, hosted on this platform or not, or may be any IIIF content anywhere in the world. Services include: deriving new manifests from existing IIIF resources (for example, taking an images-first approach to describing large unstructured archives), extracting text from images via OCR, automated annotation through machine learning - image analysis, entity recognition, human annotation through crowdsourcing or expert contribution, W3C compliant annotation server, and a IIIF-aware search server that provides both discovery of resources and search within resources.

We have built plugins for Omeka S for easy surfacing of multiple-service-enriched IIIF content. Combining these open-standards-based techniques into an integrated platform allows projects of any size to take advantage of the interoperability offered by IIIF through sets of integrated services. And if you don’t have any IIIF yet, the platform will turn your images and AV content into IIIF resources.

Speaker: Matt McGrattan, Head of Digital Library Solutions, Digirati