Front-end Engineer

Permanent, Glasgow


Digirati is a services and software company with a proven track record of delivering a step change for our customers in terms of the discovery and sharing of information and knowledge, enabling them to enrich and unlock the value of their digital assets.

This is an opportunity for a capable engineer with a professional attitude and mature mindset to further develop their career. The successful candidate will have the opportunity to work on a variety of projects, ranging from small but highly engaging and interactive applications, to large scale content driven websites.

You will have a chance to develop your skill-set while working as part of an experienced multidisciplinary team including UX and engineers across different back-end technologies. You will be the voice of the front-end during the planning stages of projects and architect robust front-end solutions.


The Role

As part of the role of Front-end Engineer, you will :-

  • Build small, focused interactions and story-driven narratives in modern front-end frameworks
  • Build large, API-driven websites, collaborating with back-end developers prior to development to produce well defined and robust API specifications
  • Work closely with clients throughout projects to ensure that expectations are aligned.
  • Work closely with UX team to solve user-centric problems with an iterative and collaborative workflow.
  • Work as part of a highly motivated team, using Lean and Agile principles to help deliver successful outcomes for our clients 


Candidate Attitude & Behaviors

To deliver successful outcomes for our clients Digirati requires a great team player who demonstrates the following :-


Although we are looking for an engineer to join our interdisciplinary agile team, there will be interaction with both business and technical stakeholders, therefore candidates must have good verbal and written communication skills.


You will be willing to travel to client sites on occasion.

Passion for Technology

You will have a passion for technology and seeking innovative solutions

Growth Mindset

You will be comfortable learning new technologies, languages, tools, processes, skills and applicable domain knowledge.


You will be able to work internally and externally to influence clients and colleagues in the direction of success.

Engineering Practitioner

You will naturally take a structured approach to problem solving, be capable of explaining the rationale behind your decisions and be precise in your communication.

You will help develop solutions that are robust, reliable and deliver real business value.

You will be pragmatic in your decision making, capable of balancing trade offs and have an understanding of complexity.

Team Player

Good interpersonal skills and a desire to collaborate with others.

Candidate Skills

We expect candidates will have experience (ideally at least 2 - 3 years commercial experience) with a reasonable number of the followingskills and be able to quickly and effectively fill any gaps with our support. All staff have a structured skills development program in place from the get go.

Highly relevant

  • HTML, CSS and modern JavaScript
  • Experience with crafting accessible and well structured markup
  • Knowledge of declarative UIs and experience in at least one framework that uses them (React, Vue, Stencil etc)
  • An informed understanding of application performance, when to optimize and how to profile performance
  • Experience with testing frameworks such as Jest to produce refactor friendly test suites
  • Experience with Git and code collaboration, including conducting and moderating peer reviews

Nice to have

  • Experience with a typed JS targeting language (Typescript/Flow/Elm)
  • Contributing to or maintaining open source software
  • NodeJS for tooling - creating CLI tooling node fs, net, path, compilation
  • NodeJS for servers - express/koa/server frameworks, middleware, caching, deployments, production considerations
  • Knowledge of linked data or IIIF (JSON-LD, RDF)
  • Yarn workspaces/Lerna - creating and managing mono repos, setting up tests, builds and deployments


Know something that's not on the list? Mention it in your cover letter when applying. Digirati is always open to exploring new technology, championed by individuals in the company. We strive to use the best tools and practices for the job


A degree in a science, engineering, technology or mathematics field or equivalent industry experience.

To apply please send a cover letter and CV to



Digirati’s success is down to our talented people. We are a trusted partner of various high profile clients and always strive to deliver projects in an innovative way utilising the latest practices and technologies to continually develop our team’s knowledge and experience. Our focus is on working closely with customers to push the boundaries and develop innovative products and solutions that exceed their expectations.

Digirati are committed to being an equal opportunities employer. There is a particular issue within our industry regarding gender representation, our gender balance is higher than the industry average, we believe this has had a very positive impact on our overall culture.

We have a strong ethos of collaboration and continuous improvement, therefore we invest in our staff to improve skills and share knowledge throughout the organisation. We work with agile at scale, staff work in agile teams and participate in communities of practice according to their interests; this creates a dynamic open working culture that is flat in structure and empowers staff to drive their own work and development.

The perks

  • Research, Development & Learning (RDL)

    Each individual's RDL programme is unique and designed in collaboration with your line manager. You might spend this time doing formal certification, contributing to open source software or evaluating a new technology or mastering a framework you already know.

  • Bonus Scheme

    There is a 10% annual bonus scheme, of which 5% is based on personal performance and 5% on company profitability.

  • Pension Scheme

    Digirati will match your personal contribution to your pension by up to 5%.

  • Sabbatical

    Employees are entitled to a 4 week sabbatical after 5 years with the company which can be amalgamated with annual leave to provide an opportunity to take time out.

  • Referral Programme

    Employees will receive a £500 bonus if they refer a fellow employee who successfully completes their probation period.

  • Working from Home

    Employees will spend the majority of their time in the office but there is some scope for working from home at managerial discretion.

  • Flexitime

    Client schedules permitting we can be flexible when employees start and end work.