Senior Front-end Developer

Permanent, Glasgow

Job Type: Full Time, Permanent

Salary: £46,000 to £55,000 per annum

Location: Glasgow

Note: Because of COVID 19 we are working remotely with no plan to return to the office any time soon, we are erring on the side of caution on this matter. Staff have the option to use the office occasionally whilst maintaining physical distancing and other implemented safety measures on a purely voluntary basis. You would be expected to make the commute into the office at least a few days a week longer term assuming it is then safe to do so.

About Digirati

We are a digital consultancy who provide a full range of services from strategy, design, development to ongoing support. Our heritage is in delivering large scale content management and delivery platforms which is still core to our business today. Over the last five years we have been collaborating closely with cultural heritage, scientific, academic and professional researchers and publishers to bring many engineering and product design innovations.

Digirati’s success is down to our talented people. We are a trusted partner of various high profile clients and we always strive to deliver projects in an innovative way, utilising the latest practices and technologies to continually develop our team’s knowledge and experience. Our focus is on collaborating closely with customers to push the boundaries and develop innovative products and solutions that exceed their expectations.

This is an opportunity for an experienced front-end developer with a professional attitude and mature mindset. You will have the chance to further develop your skillset whilst working as part of an experienced interdisciplinary team including UX and engineers across different back-end technologies.

You will be the voice of the front-end during the planning stages of projects, architecting and then delivering robust front-end solutions as part of our project implementations.


The Role

As part of the role of Senior Front-end Developer, you will :-

  • Develop user centred, engaging UIs as part of our client engagements, using modern front-end frameworks
  • Build large, API driven websites, collaborating with back-end developers prior to development to produce well defined and robust API specifications
  • Develop rapid prototypes as part of Discovery activities, working closely with UX and back end teams to deliver solutions that enable user testing and validation
  • Work with existing clients and project teams to support developing enhancements and new features taking advantage of modern front end frameworks
  • Work closely with clients throughout projects to ensure that expectations are aligned, maintaining a strong user / client focus in considering the technical solution working both as a client advocate and solution advocate.
  • Work closely with the UX team to solve user-centric problems with an iterative and collaborative workflow.
  • Work as part of a highly motivated team, using Lean and Agile principles to help deliver successful outcomes for our clients


Candidate Attitude & Behaviours

To deliver successful outcomes for our customers, Digirati require a team player who possesses the following attributes:


Although we are looking for a developer to join our interdisciplinary Agile team, there will be interaction with both business and technical stakeholders, therefore candidates must be excellent communicators, with the ability to relay complex ideas and information in a concise manner.

Working in Teams

You’ll be someone who enjoys working with others in interdisciplinary teams. To do this you will need good interpersonal skills and have an empathetic, open-minded approach when collaborating with customers and teammates, listening to, and understanding, the views of others and being a approachable and helpful team member.


On some occasions you may need to travel to customer locations for workshops, however many of these can be done remotely.

Passion for Technology

You will have a passion for technology and possess a genuine interest in understanding how the technology works and how it can be further improved.

Growth Mindset

You’ll be someone who values continuous improvement, both in terms of personal development and process improvement and be comfortable learning new technologies, tools, ways of working, and developing a deep understanding of the domains we operate in.

Engineering Practitioner

You will naturally take a structured approach to problem solving with an aptitude for innovative and creative thinking. You’ll need to be someone who takes ownership of their work, be capable of explaining the rationale behind your decisions and be precise in your communication.

Candidate Skills

We expect candidates will have experience with a reasonable number of the following skills and be able to quickly and effectively fill any gaps with our support. All staff have a structured skills development programme in place from the start.

Highly relevant experience and knowledge

  • Produce high quality software with a test driven focus, together with excellent peer review input and direction, leading by example for other team members
  • Research, plan and organise development of complete proof of concepts
  • Recommend and demonstrate value of adopting new tools, software applications, frameworks, methodologies and processes
  • HTML, CSS and modern JavaScript
  • Experience with crafting accessible and well structured markup
  • Knowledge of declarative UIs and experience in at least one framework that uses them (React preferred)
  • An informed understanding of application performance, when to optimize and how to profile performance
  • Experience with testing frameworks such as Jest to produce refactor friendly test suites
  • Experience with Git and code collaboration, including conducting and moderating peer reviews


  • Experience with a typed JS targeting language (Typescript/Flow/Elm)
  • Contributing to or maintaining open source software
  • NodeJS for tooling - creating CLI tooling node fs, net, path, compilation
  • NodeJS for servers - express/koa/server frameworks, middleware, caching, deployments, production considerations


Digirati is committed to creating an inclusive work environment with a diverse workforce. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, disability or age.

To apply please send a cover letter and CV to