IIIF European Events, Edinburgh & Oslo 3- 6 December 2018

On the 3rd of December, the University of Edinburgh, the National Library of Scotland and the International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) Consortium will be hosting a IIIF Showcase and Working Group to demonstrate the latest innovations within the IIIF community.   

Digirati are very active members of the IIIF Consortium. Tom Crane, our Technology Director, is an editor of the specifications and co-chair of the Audio Visual (AV) Technical Specification group. Tom will be leading the discussion on the AV APIs and collaboration with British Library to work on preserving and making accessible audio content. 

Stephen Fraser, who leads our UI development team, will be running lightning talk in Edinburgh about Canvas Panel, a toolkit built for the V&A Museum to assemble new online exhibits, slideshows and other narrative interactives from their existing IIIF resources.  This allows web content staff to build rich interactive experiences quickly, annotating the V&A's digitised objects. This means museum staff don't need to write any code, and the content is shared using open standards.

Matt McGrattan, our Head of Digital Library Solutions, is Co-Chair of the IIIF Discovery Technical Specification group, and is dedicated to helping expose the world’s IIIF resources for aggregation and cross-institution search. He will be attending the Edinburgh event to support the Discovery working group and then travelling to Oslo on the 6th to lead a workshop on practical applications of IIIF with machine learning and artificial intelligence for image based collections. The Oslo conference is a collaboration between the National Library of Norway, where it is being hosted, and Stanford University Libraries.

No technical standard is having more impact on sharing, collaboration and interoperability across memory institutions than IIIF, we are pleased to have the opportunity to continue to support and participate with this dynamic community.

More information on the conferences and excellent programme the organisers have put together can be found here.