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Gathering customer insights for CRU, a world leading business intelligence service

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Investigating what would increase user engagement

As part of a strategic rethink regarding CRU’s online products and services, we needed to understand what could make them more engaging and how we could maximise membership sales. So we conducted a program of research that focused on:

  • Establishing clear research objectives based on product goals
  • Defining the groups of people (end users) we want to focus on
  • Defining the jobs end users are trying to get done
  • Creating a job map to understand the entire customer process
  • Conducting in-depth user interviews based on these definitions
  • Developing multiple methods to gather quantitative data to further validate findings
  • Analysing and reporting the findings to the board of directors and key stakeholders

A new, unified and informed view within the organisation about their customers

The outcomes have been transformative for our client. The research work uncovered user needs across the entire customer journey while also revealing how their customers were measuring value. This in turn is currently guiding the prioritisation of the product roadmap and brought a unified and informed view within the organisation. Ultimately, the research effort helped the client to progress their user centred processes, working more closely with their customers to enhance their services.

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