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A digital strategy for CRU, a world leading business intelligence service

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Establishing a clear comprehensively researched product vision

The focus of this engagement centred around the production of clear, coherent goals to inform and initiate a user centered product roadmap for a major revision of their online products and services. Due to the global pandemic crisis, we approached the work by running a series of remote, collaborative workshops to:

  • Develop a Product Vision Board that illustrated the current situation
  • Identified goals, drivers and barriers with key stakeholders
  • Developed a program of internal activities to discover the internal perception of the current status across the business
  • Analysed data of existing product subscription and developed a series of hypotheses to illustrate potential strategies that could be inferred from the data analysis – challenging the business to challenge their assumptions
  • Developed a report that outlined the findings from interviews and analysis – supporting current context

Well understood and agreed business goals to underpin the product roadmap

The various stakeholders from the business validated a vision statement to guide the program of work. The workshops with them helped uncover the current drivers and barriers impacting product development and enabled the creation and prioritisation of business goals to underpin the product roadmap. We took their product goals further by identifying and prioritising key benefits for each and developed associated metrics. This also provided a clear direction for further user research activities.

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