Content strategy

Optimise your content

Your content serves a purpose which is ultimately aligned to your organisation achieving its strategic  objectives as well as your users’ goals. A content strategy ensures that the most relevant, effective and appropriate content is surfaced at the most opportune time, to the appropriate user. It’s not a simple tick-box exercise though, it involves different people within the organisation, processes, systems and customer targets.

Users going through a card sorting exercise.

Why it matters

  • A content strategy defines the content experience and determines which stories need to be told, including every type of content that people see, hear or interact with.
  • It establishes which process must be in place to acquire, create, review, publish, evaluate, refine, maintain, and (eventually) archive content. This includes every method used to deliver content to the user/customer and all the interaction and integration points.
  • It determines the operational and organisational processes to sustain the success of content through governance.
  • These activities do not live within one project. They permeate every aspect of the organisation and will help challenge cultural and operational silos and barriers that tend to build up over time.

Let us help you break down your content strategy into a series of measurable processes and tools and effectively execute them.

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