Design from a broad perspective

We believe everyone has something to bring to the design process. That’s why we promote broad collaboration to ‘devise ways to change existing situations into preferred ones’. We apply techniques to first explore a wide set of ideas to ensure opportunities are not missed by blinkered thinking. We then narrow them down by identifying organisational aims, uncovering unmet user needs and co-designing viable solutions we can quickly prototype and put in front of your users.

Member of the Digirati and National Archives team collaborating in a creative workshop.

Why it matters

  • Once a creator has conceived an idea, they must pitch it to the client. No matter how good the concept is, this automatically creates an oppositional “us vs. them” dynamic, where ideas are being critiqued, instead of contributed to.
  • Clients and partners have plenty of industry and community knowledge to contribute, but they often aren’t given a structured opportunity to participate. By deeply involving them in the conceptual phase, their knowledge is baked into subsequent stages. We also ensure inclusivity and accessibility are considered by all from the beginning.
  • We base all ideation on user insights so the user’s desired end-state can be framed into opportunities or alternatives for product innovation.
  • Prototyping quickly allows us to test out different solutions to your riskiest problems without committing considerable effort. This results in a more focused roadmap down the line.

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Case study

Addressing unmet user needs for the National Archives

Addressing unmet user needs for the National Archives

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