Platform strategy

Platforms driven by organisational strategy

Adaptable technical platforms which can change with your business strategy is a key differentiator for many successful organisations. Our team helps clients to deliver new platforms or enhance existing ones that can clearly facilitate their strategic objectives with technical execution. Our focus on open standards, modern software engineering and agile delivery approach enables us to ensure that platform development reflects end user needs, whilst addressing the tenets of maintainability, operability and extensibility.

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Why it matters

  • The emphasis of how organisations realise value from their digital platforms is increasingly moving to reliability, increased performance and the ability to easily scale to meet changing demand.
  • Platforms are often not considered as products in their own right and so lack appropriate product thinking, resulting in not being able to meet evolving user and organisational needs.
  • A platform strategy that reflects how you want to improve your product and service development, with clear rules of engagement for development and integration, can quickly enable you to start evolving elements of your existing technology.
  • We leverage our ability to incorporate cloud first strategies to deliver your platform, or augment existing platforms and services enabling fast benefit realisation from improved agility and operability of your services.
  • Our focus on the delivery and release approach for the platform, supporting multiple services and capitalising on the ability to leverage continuous delivery allows a more rapid development and release cycle to better serve your users.

Learn how an effective platform strategy can help you achieve your organisational goals faster.

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Case study

Iterative platform development with HM Passport Office to support new content guidance service

Iterative platform development with HM Passport Office to support new content guidance service

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