Innovative, experienced software engineering teams

Our software engineering approach helps our clients by providing the right skills to enable them to apply technical solutions in new and innovative ways. Working within interdisciplinary teams, our software engineers are able to translate digital strategy, user insights and emerging product objectives within their work; ensuring user and business context is continually considered within the emerging technical design and implementation. We use automated tools and best practice processes in all aspects of our work, enabling inspection of quality and progress throughout implementations.

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Why it matters

  • From expert delivery of small scale project implementations, to facilitating and delivering large multi-year development projects our team apply consistent, rigorous methods to the software we deliver.
  • Our teams have expertise with a broad range of development languages and frameworks, with specialisms in key areas. We maintain a continual focus on identifying and adopting the best technical approach through evaluating, testing and benchmarking solutions and services that most effectively supports our client’s specific needs.
  • We work in the open, using open source software and are strong advocates of open standards. We have launched and overseen a number of successful open source and open standards based initiatives as a result of client collaboration
  • Our knowledge and experience of cloud-based solutions enables us to effectively set up, manage and control infrastructure, from deployment pipelines to security measures, on several cloud providers using multiple third party SaaS products. This enables our teams to deliver resilient, reliable and scalable solutions that support our clients’ service delivery.
  • We have a strong record of co-development: working with client teams to empower them to take on ownership of a solution over the long term; typically through co-working as one unified team and providing additional engineering knowledge transfer/upskilling where required.

Find out how our engineering teams can work with, and compliment your organisation in meeting your software development challenges.

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