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The software choices that underpin successful products and services require more than a surface level approximation of technology fit. But that doesn’t mean technology evaluation should be an endless checklist of features and capabilities. A rigorous, lean evaluation of the necessary capabilities that address integration, scale and usability can be achieved through targeted design and rapid prototyping to validate or discard technologies. Spotting opportunities from a technology perspective as part of product or service discovery can help shape and inform a more compelling and feasible outcome for you and your users.

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Why it matters

  • An independent viewpoint is often critical; it is natural that an in-house team’s outlook can be impeded by existing system constraints and technical practices. A fresh perspective informed by many client engagements can provide the impetus your project needs to uncover the right approaches to deliver your current goals.
  • Technology design and decision making is often informed mainly by higher level, overarching strategic approaches that may simplify aspects of your technical estate.  Without challenge these guardrails will stifle and reduce ability to rapidly, reliably develop new products or services.
  • Our approach of rapidly designing, prototyping and testing aspects of the emerging technical architecture in your context, using relevant domain models or data, can validate or identify potential sticking points that need further assessment early, and provide a valuable early indicator of how well the selected technologies or frameworks will support your vision.
  • Lean technical design ensures that technically derived issues around hidden complexity and feasibility are surfaced early without impeding a user-centric approach to designing your product or service.

If you are unclear where your technical architecture refresh or improvements should start, a broad holistic architectural assessment can be facilitated in a lean effective way. This assessment can combine systems analysis with stakeholder interviews that can generate actionable insights and activities to form a potential technical roadmap. These activities can then be prioritised based on risk or other emerging insight, with rapid prototyping used to then iteratively tackle technical architectural improvements.

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Design and validation of an Identity Service for Wellcome

Design and validation of an Identity Service for Wellcome

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