Publishing Platforms

We develop a deep understanding of our client’s editorial processes and end user’s needs to design and develop effective publishing platforms.

Our experience in different publishing domains has identified common themes and challenges that we apply in our approach to designing, developing and enhancing publishing solutions.

Understanding and mapping the editorial process, identifying touch points with other related systems, data and content and considering how the content may be consumed from end user, metadata and API perspectives are just some of the considerations that inform our thinking.

Whilst there are many common patterns in developing publishing platforms we collaborate with our clients to develop our understanding of the business goals for each implementation and ensure an effective technical vision or solution architecture is developed to support achieving these goals.

For publishing platforms the overall architecture approach is typically a highly-decoupled service orientated architecture, using an event driven messaging or notification based system to manage the interaction between different services.

A content management system (CMS) typically underpins the publishing solution providing the core content service; however it is rare in our experience that a CMS (open source or proprietary) can deliver all of the required outcomes for the different system users. We focus on using CMS solutions which have solid core content management functionality, have considered scalability for differing customer needs and have first class interoperability and integration options that allow sensible extensions and integrations. The ability to use a CMS in a headless fashion for example ensures our developers can take advantage of the most appropriate front end frameworks and techniques to deliver content in a user focused engaging manner.

We have experience with many CMS systems across multiple technologies including open source systems such as Liferay, Drupal, Umbraco and many more. We have developed integrations for common publishing features including taxonomy, access management, rule based recommendations and search.

We harness cloud technologies to deliver aspects of our publishing platform solutions; for example this might include a workflow framework, notification or queuing services or the utilization of content delivery networks.