Semantic Technologies

Even a light application of semantic technologies can have a massive impact. We can guide you through the process.

Semantic enhancements have become a key thread through all of our service and sector offerings. Whether we are trying to extract terms from historical digitised manuscripts or devise a better way to organise and search for corporate information, it is semantic technologies that typically make the difference.

We can provide all the necessary services to take advantage of this approach from ontology modelling to technical implementation and integration of taxonomy management, triple stores, entity extraction, auto-tagging and natural language processing / machine learning.

Third party technologies we work with include PoolParty, Protégé, Neo4j, Sesame, SpaCy and StanfordNLP. Some of the work we have done has recently become productised including our own SKOS Taxonomy Manager and auto-tagging solution and our Topic Manager application which manages simple taxonomies that emerge from a crowdsourcing project, especially when some or all of the terms have come from OCR and entity recognition.