Cloud Services

We use a range of services and techniques which bring flexibility and agility to daily tasks.

Cloud services underpin the work we do at Digirati every day. Our development team use a range of services and techniques which bring flexibility and agility to daily tasks. Development, deployment, testing and releasing software is significantly enhanced through the extended toolkit that cloud services provide and it enables us to work in a truly iterative way benefiting our teams and clients.

We have extensive experience with a number of popular cloud hosting and software as a service providers. We work with providers who are best suited to our clients' individual needs. Our development team employ containerisation approaches which enables faster and more effective release cycles and can provide flexibility when moving between on premises and cloud hosting.

Our own product development activities including the creation and management of a cloud-based platform for delivering digital content called the Digital Library Cloud Service (DLCS) has provided us with significant insight in analysing and exploiting cloud services. The managed service that we offer for the full DLCS platform is hosted on Amazon AWS services with our team devising and developing appropriate cost effective delivery and scaling approaches as part of the solution.

Our consultancy service focuses on ensuring the building blocks, strategy and high level approach for your product and services are correct at the outset. This may involve providing guidance on a gap analysis report on existing hosting infrastructure; providing options for migration strategies to cloud services; targeting specific aspects of your platform where you don't have the required skills but just want to get some assistance and knowledge transfer for your team and creating working prototypes of specific cloud services integrated into your existing infrastructure.

Cloud technologies