Content Management & Portals

A safe pair of hands for technology choice and delivery of your CMS or Portal implementation.

Content Management is definitely ‘in the blood’ when it comes to Digirati. Before starting up Digirati the founder, John Baker, was an engineer and consultant for leading CMS product company Mediasurface which was later acquired by Alterian and then SDL. The first hires within Digirati were also content management experts and an early focus of the company was providing CMS best practices, something that was sadly lacking at the time within the marketplace, and to some extent still is.

Today open source content management systems have caught up with their proprietary counterparts and offer many advantages in terms of community, flexibility and control. As a result we are now primarily focused on provision of open source systems, in particular Drupal and Umbraco which are both leading systems for their specific technology stacks. We do adopt other CMS systems when it makes strategic sense for a customer project, due to our experience it is quite straightforward for us to do that. For the cultural heritage sector, for example, we have been using Omeka-S and have become a major contributor to this new open source project.

Portal continues to be a very useful approach for customers that retain large enterprises and so, after a lot of research, we have built a practice around Liferay which is the leading open source option. We have delivered some very large scale integrations with Liferay and are now a Liferay Platinum Partner. We differentiate from other Liferay Partners because of our heritage in CMS and Digital practices which are increasingly a key component to portal implementations.

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