Search Solutions

We offer a range tools and techniques to improve the effectiveness of search solutions.

Creating an effective search solution is something that many organisations struggle with. Working in a wide range of sectors and problem spaces we have adopted a number of tools and techniques to improve the quality of search solutions.

Sometimes information systems have their own inbuilt search systems that will suffice but more often than not it makes sense to decouple to a dedicated search platform. We have worked with many search platforms over the years but primarily focus on open source options such as Apache Lucene / Solr and Elasticsearch. These tools are on a par with their proprietary equivalents and provide the added advantages of community, flexibility and control. 

Search platforms in themselves are however often not enough to guarantee users are finding the right information no matter how well they are implemented. User Experience techniques to provide effective interfaces and visualisations driven by user research are equally important. Increasingly we are also applying semantic technologies such as taxonomy management, entity extraction and natural language processing to enrich content and data so that it can be more easily found in the relevant contexts. See Semantic Technologies section for more information.

Search specialisms