Semantic Technologies

Even a light application of semantic technologies can have a massive impact. We can guide you through the process.

Semantic technologies are becoming increasingly recognised as a key component for the organisation publishing and discovery of large scale content and data platforms. A semantic model of your business domain that is decoupled from content and data becomes an asset in its own right that can be applied to a variety of information challenges. The connections between data can be more easily inferred working across information silos within and outside of your organisation in ways that just wouldn’t be possible using any other approach.

Our Semantic Technology practice will provide all the necessary services to take advantage of this approach from ontology modelling to technical implementation and integration of taxonomy management, triple stores, entity extraction, auto-tagging and natural language processing. Third party technologies we work with include PoolParty, Protégé, Neo4j, Sesame, SpaCy and StanfordNLP. Some of the work we have done has recently become productised including our Powertagging solution and a semantic extraction service for digital libraries.

A lot of the concepts can seem quite abstract and potentially quite daunting at first. Our approach is to typically start small and build up the solution as the knowledge grows and the benefits become very quickly apparent.