Upcoming Liferay Conference, Blogs and Webinars

Liferay Digital Solutions Forum – 8th November 2017, London

We are proud to announce that we are Platinum sponsors of the upcoming Liferay Digital Solutions Forum being held in the Hilton Tower Bridge, London on 8th November - https://www.liferay.com/web/events-ldsf-uk?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social#about

This event will bring together industry leaders and engineers from around the world. It will focus on what tools are required to ensure a consistent and meaningful interaction with customers, whilst providing the opportunity to learn about the latest news in the digital world!

As experts in this field and a leading provider of Liferay solutions we will be hosting two round table discussions at the event, helping you to discover best practices and solutions for your business needs. The topics we will cover are:

Auto categorisation of content

This discussion will provide the opportunity to learn how you can enrich your content by applying and managing metadata within a Liferay environment. We will take you through automatic and semi-automatic processes that save time whilst ensuring quality.

The session will cover how this metadata can be applied for improved search and discoverability of content, traversing content and data silos, and capturing valuable domain knowledge for reuse in different business scenarios.

How to succeed in large scale implementations: An NHS Story

This session will discuss the key challenges involved in the implementation of a large-scale HR portal implementation delivered for the NHS using Liferay. We will discuss the approaches we took to address these challenges and highlight some lessons learned.

We will invite you to join and discuss your own project challenges and attempt to answer them in the context of our experiences during this and other recent implementations.


Upcoming Blogs & Webinars

We are also working closely with Liferay to release 2 blogs and host 2 webinars in relation to the above topics.

The first blog written by our Head of UX, Diego Lago focuses on the pivotal role taxonomy plays in the success of content driven websites. For the full blog please click HERE

Diego recently hosted a webinar on this topic demoing our newly developed taxonomy management solution. To view a recording of this webinar please click HERE.

Following on from this webinar, we have released a second blog in the series which focus on structured content and why it is important when selecting a CMS. For the full blog please click HERE.

Our Senior UX Consultant, Ville will be hosting a webinar on this topic on the 6th December at 14:30. To register for the webinar please click HERE.