15 March 2017

Digirati to build 'Science in the making' pilot for Royal Society collection

The Royal Society have appointed Digirati to deliver a new pilot project to demonstrate the potential of digitisation work for their historical archives.

The pilot platform will be for the discovery, exploration and research of the historical archives shedding light on the Royal Society's scientific journals. We will utilise open standards for interoperability and annotation to enable rapid development of a feature-rich platform that invites contribution from the Royal Society, its partners, and external users. The pilot will show the breadth of material in the collection of archives related to the journals, as well as exploring selected case studies and user stories in depth.

Pilot users will be able to explore the collection via a combination of automatically generated and manually curated topic pages. They can compare journal and archive material side by side. They can annotate, bookmark, collect, and tag journal collection material. The pilot will cater for users unfamiliar with the material by presenting a rich exploration interface, a realisation of the concept of generous interfaces. The pilot will also support advanced search use cases to support users already familiar with the material that interests them.

We will develop the pilot application on top of the Omeka S Collection Management framework and use the services of the DLCS platform. It will be up and running by Summer 2017 and will be released to the public for feedback. We will aim to provide some updates as we progress with this work.