Community Participation Please!

Digirati have been collaborating with eLife on an “Open Access by default” journal publishing system called Continuum. We are working together to produce a new open source version that will be available to the wider scholarly publishing community. This new version aims to address a wider set of use cases than those specific to eLife so that we can meet the needs of the wider community. As well as being available on Github, we will also offer a hosted cloud version so that smaller publishers can also take advantage of this software. (Digirati will run the Cloud version and offer ad-hoc development and support services for other adopters)

The principles behind Continuum are very much aligned with eLife in the sense that the platform should be an exemplar of good practice and consistent with the Open Science agenda. The long term objective is that Continuum becomes a self-sustaining community-driven project with wide adoption and contribution across the sector. The roadmap should be determined by the community with clear governance principles, and we hope key stakeholder organisations will also take further ownership by contributing development effort for features that they would like to see.

There has already been a lot of interest from many publishers and input into our long list of use cases - but we need more! If you have frustrations with your current publishing system or a wish list of new features you would love to see realised then we want to hear from you. We are looking to open up a pilot program to help gather these requirements and so help ensure that the roadmap is representative of the needs and priorities of the sector as a whole.

If you would like to get involved then please do get in touch with us or alternatively you can contact eLife directly.