NHS Electronic Staff Record
One of the largest scale HR Portal implementations in the world.
ESR responsive design

The Electronic Staff Record system is the only integrated workforce management solution for the NHS’s 1.4m workforce. It provides interfaces to e-Learning functionality, compliance tools that enable tracking of statutory and mandatory training requirements, appraisals, absence management, payroll, business intelligence reports and self-service.

We are working on the ENHANCE project in partnership with IBM to bring a number or improvements to the previous solution. Our role is the delivery of the Portal which we have integrated with the various backend systems managed by IBM. A key driver for the portal implementation is to improve user experience for staff and make the system available over multiple devices. The Portal technology we are using is Liferay and is one of the largest scale Liferay implementations in the world. The back-end integration is primarily driven by Oracle eBusiness Suite.

The first beta phase of the project has been rolled out to an initial 8 Trusts with great feedback. There will be more iterations and rollouts this year and we will be writing more extensively about the project in due course.