NHS Electronic Staff Record
One of the largest scale HR Portal implementations in the world.
ESR responsive design

The Electronic Staff Record system is the only integrated workforce management solution for the NHS’s 1.4m workforce. It provides interfaces to e-Learning functionality, compliance tools that enable tracking of statutory and mandatory training requirements, appraisals, absence management, payroll, business intelligence reports and self-service.

We worked in partnership with IBM to bring a number of improvements to the previous solution. Our role is the delivery of the Portal which we have integrated with the various backend systems managed by IBM. A key driver for the portal implementation was to improve user experience for staff and make the system available over multiple devices. The Portal technology we are using is Liferay and is one of the largest scale Liferay implementations in the world. The back-end integration is primarily driven by Oracle eBusiness Suite.

The project delivered very successfully against key objectives, including cementing the solution at the heart of NHS workforce planning and management, as well as empowering employees and managers to be more effective and proactive with the data that they have now have more easily available to them. In the 6 months following the completion of Portal Provisioning (October 2017 to March 2018) user growth has been impressive:

  • The number of unique employees who have now accessed ESR through the Portal increased by 440,228 (164%);
  • In October 2017, the total number of Portal logins was 879,949. In March 2018 this had grown to 1,908,894;
  • The number of employees accessing self-service each month has risen by 11% to 510,624;
  • The number of employees that no longer receive a paper payslip has increased by 128,111 (45%).

Further deployments are now planned throughout 2018 to provide further feature enhancements and enable the consolidation and decommissioning of legacy systems.