Liferay Commerce

Designed from the ground upĀ as a purpose-built fully featured B2B enterprise e-commerce platform.

B2B customers are now increasingly demanding a similar level of online shopping experience typically associated with B2C markets. These include an expectation of 24/7 service, mobile optimised purchasing and personalised omnichannel experience for every interaction.

Liferay Commerce was purposely designed and developed from the ground up to be a purpose-built B2B enterprise e-commerce platform to comprehensively meet the needs of common B2B scenarios such as manufacturing, distribution and wholesale.

The platform follows an open architecture model to allow integration with existing legacy systems with ESB for leading ERP or PIM solutions such as SAP or Oracle. It offers the opportunity to deliver regional sites to support different countries, languages, currencies, payment options, and tax rates by detecting user location based on IP address or if the customer is logged in with set preferences.

Liferay Commerce gives you the opportunity to deliver a system that seamlessly combines e-commerce data with detailed customer interaction history to provide every team member with a single overview of the customer.

Liferay Commerce offers the opportunity for your organisation to invest in a platform that offers a solid foundation to reshape your B2B digital customer engagement models and make your customers loyal brand advocates and be seen as leaders in the B2B market space.

More information can be found on the Liferay website.