Liferay DXP

A flexible platform that can deliver a joined up approach to both customer experiences and internal business processes.

Liferay Platinum Partner

We were very excited to see recently that Liferay has now been recognised by Gartner as a leader in the Digital Experience Platforms (DXP) Magic Quadrant. Liferay has always been stronger than its competitors in the cohesive way it has been technically designed and built, as discussed in the DXP Technology section. Now that Liferay is also competing in terms of a comprehensive range of DXP features we feel that it is becoming the compelling option for DXP, especially for those who also value an open source community-driven approach to product development.

What’s more, Liferay is equally as comfortable as a single platform to unify customer experiences as it is a facilitator of business process change for more comprehensive digital transformation programmes. We have used Liferay to deliver complex business processes for over a million NHS staff as well as providing transactional government public services and b2b publishing platforms with interactive data tools.

This level of flexibility is not something you can say of other DXP platforms. The potential that Liferay offers makes a strong argument to select a platform that will consolidate and join up all user experience, whether customer or internal, going beyond what is commonly referred to as DXP, a term which has as much been defined by the constraints of what is available as the potential.

As the only Platinum Liferay Partner in the UK Digirati can offer unsurpassed experience and expertise to ensure your digital projects are delivered according to the latest best practices and utilise the latest benefits the platform brings. We have also built a number of our own extensions to Liferay, in particular a SKOS taxonomy manager and auto-tagging solution so that gives Liferay market leading semantic capabilities.