An Open Source SKOS Taxonomy Management and Auto-Tagging Solution that leverages human and machine learning.

Digirati have developed an open source solution for SKOS taxonomy management and automated tagging of content including natural language processing.

It sits within Liferay which is a Digital Experience Platform strong on integration capabilities. The solution was developed in collaboration with BioMed Central who commissioned the initial development of the taxonomy manager. BioMed Central were frustrated that there was no open source option available that adhered to the SKOS standard.

Digirati had already developed similar ‘powertagging’ solutions that combined advanced taxonomy management with automated tagging but which had required proprietary technologies. The opportunity to create a purely open source option was too good to miss. This time we were free to use open source machine learning libraries which we can refine on a customer by customer basis.  And we can now make this functionality affordable to a broader range of organisations empowering an array of new potential applications and allowing customers to take more control of their solution and the future direction of the product.

For more explanation of how this works check out the preview video below.


We are currently delivering this solution to a number of trial customers after which there will be a further distribution of the code. If you would like to be kept up to date with developments please contact johnny.basra@digirati.com.