Customer Experience Management

Create a unified customer-centric experience across all channels and systems.

Exceptionally customer experiences all have something in common. They offer compelling and personalised service for each customer no matter what marketing channel, either through a website, mobile, apps, smartwatch or in-store screens. A compelling digital experience will stand out! That is the goal for every interaction at every opportunity.

These days, many people prefer self-service support options rather than contacting customer support through phone or instore, and the best way to achieve such an outcome is through an integrated customer experience platform. This allows users to connect and find content that is relevant with ease and simplicity. It combines information from different sources into a single user interface.

The most common digital customer experience benefits include increased customer satisfaction, improved communication, lower service costs if you’re processing online payments, and increased revenues.

They offer the opportunity integrate with your primary business systems such as Accounting software, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and act as an integration hub, enabling you to automate the transfer of information between your systems in real time to the customer and deliver a more personalised service.

Digital customer experience delivery platforms have outgrown traditional e-commerce and content management systems. These platforms now include added functionality such as web analytics, content personalisation, chatbots capabilities, digital asset management or introducing Alexa voice recognition.

Liferay Digital Experience Platform (DXP) offers the opportunity to create a personalised and modern customer experience. It offers the opportunity to enter content once and reuse it for different purposes, access customer data from multiple touch points and in real time and identify and resolve inefficiencies for operational processes.

The use cases are diverse, it could be personalised online banking services for a retail banking customer, tools to monitor and control one’s water usage for a homeowner or customer onboarding help for a new software buyer.

Developing a customer experience platform can require extensive resources but investing in a solution like Liferay DXP offers robust platform foundation to accelerate your projects and better serve your customers.