Digital Workplace Solutions

Our digital workplace platform solutions will adapt to ever-changing employee demands to drive innovation and productivity.

Just as an office or factory environment is designed to help people communicate, work together, use assets and tools, a digital workplace mirrors this concept but within a digital environment. The core components of a digital workplace platform are collaboration, finding and sharing of knowledge, access to business applications and systems and internal communications. Employees are people who experience technology at every turn of their daily life. It is no longer acceptable to give them siloed sub-standard digital experiences.

An output of a digital workplace platform, rather than a feature, is the ability to work flexibly, including mobile and remote working. This is achieved by the inclusion of all the tools that an employee needs to work effectively so that they do not need to be in a specific physical workplace. It’s that simple. And yet, that complex!

Building your digital workplace solution using a Digital Experience Platform (DXP), unlocks a number of benefits for your employees. It will provide your team with quick and easy access to shared information, data and communication tools, which will allow for better collaboration and increased engagement through social and messaging functions. This will save time, foster collective intelligence and improve innovation and productivity. In addition, a DXP platform removes silos in your business, as it provides a simple and effective way for departments to share relevant information with their colleagues. This is a commonplace issue deep rooted in the way a company has grown over time.

We are able to deliver such a platform using Liferay DXP, a Gartner Digital Experience Platform Leader. Liferay DXP’s primary use case is the digital workplace with extensive ‘out-of-box’ features, it will act as an integration hub for surfacing data and tools across your digital architecture.

Digirati have delivered one of largest digital workplace platforms in the world using Liferay DXP with NHS Electronic Staff Record implementation which supports 1.4 million staff members. Other work examples include a social collaboration platform for a multinational automotive distribution, retail and services FTSE 250 company working across 26 territories.

The digital workplace exists in every organisation and industry today. It will take a different form depending on what your industry is and what your business needs are. An effective digital workplace implementation will focus on the experience of the employee or the individual as well as the environment in which they work: ultimately it needs to be tailored to your organisation’s objectives.