Wellcome Trust
Transitioning Wellcome Digital Library to a new standards-based Cloud platform and viewer.

Our initial engagement with the Wellcome Library resulted in a new Digital Delivery System, including the infrastructure and user experience all the way from the output of digitisation programmes to the presentation of Library content on the web.

Following the initial phase we open-sourced the Player that we built to view the digitised material. This has now evolved into the Universal Viewer project, working with the British Library, the National Library of Wales, Stanford University, Princeton University and others to meet use cases for general and consistent presentation of content across collections.

The Universal Viewer displaying Crick's original sketches of the double helix.

We then converted the original Digital Delivery System to be compatible with the International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF). Our work at Wellcome and with the IIIF community contributed significantly to the evolution of IIIF, and we continue to gather user stories and modelling scenarios for IIIF in all our client work involving delivery of digitised material. With this standards-based approach we were able to re-work the asset-delivery part of Wellcome's infrastructure and provide it as a cloud-based service for use by Wellcome and others. This is now available as the Digital Library Cloud Services (DLCS) platform, and continues to serve 35 million images for the Wellcome Library as well as other institutions. 

The DLCS is enabling all sorts of interesting content discovery projects to be built swiftly with rich user experiences. One such project is the Wellcome Collection Sleep Stories quilt which was part of their ‘States of Mind’ exhibition. The quilt was made by visitors to the exhibition who shared and stitched their stories of what happens while they're asleep. This was then digitised and annotated for exploration in a mobile-friendly viewer.