Digital Library Cloud Services
A feature-rich platform for digital collections with strong support for open standards.

Digital Library Cloud Services

What is the DLCS Platform?

Digital Library Cloud Services is an open source, cloud-based platform for hosting and delivering interoperable digitised content following common open standards. It provides a suite of services and components that will accelerate your projects, incorporating powerful features at low cost. The platform is designed to scale from the very small to the largest collections.

Rapid adoption of the International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) in the cultural heritage sector has opened up exciting new possibilities for building discovery applications and exploring collections. The DLCS platform provides a foundation for projects that want to use these standards, supplying the underlying service infrastructure and freeing your budgets for creative application development.

We are developing the platform services that we would like to see, as developers, for building these applications; in doing so we hope to contribute a platform that can be adopted by others too.

Key Features

  • Full International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) Support
  • Dedicated Annotation Server with W3C Web Annotation and Open Annotation Support
  • OCR and other text-related image processing
  • Natural language processing capabilities, such as named entity recognition
  • A unified content search across processed text and annotations

For more information

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