New publishing system designed for open access online publishers.

eLife are a not for profit open access scientific publisher founded in late 2012. They follow a traditional scholarly peer review process focusing on the life sciences and publishing online only.

The first version of their publishing system was assembled by integrating existing components that were readily available so that they could get up and running very quickly. However, many of the components that were available are not well suited to open access publishing models however. eLife appointed Digirati to bring a broader range of experience and technical capabilities to augment the in-house team and working together closely, using lean agile techniques, deliver a solution that provides an improved, flexible, maintainable system to better meet the needs of users.

Key project objectives included working with open source solutions, utilising cloud services and delivering the implementation with a strong focus on testing and test automation to ensure the overall maintainability and robustness of the solution. The new system is called Continuum and has been released as open source for reuse by other similar online publishers. To find out more about Continuum read the Continuum Documentation and there is also a useful Continuum Webinar.

Further iterations of Continuum are in the pipeline together with enhancements to the eLife website, we will share more details when they become publicly available.

Screenshot of the current system