An Open Source journal publishing platform that puts the publisher in control.


What is Continuum?

Continuum is an Open Source journal publishing platform built from the ground up to facilitate Open Access publishing and a superior user experience for both publishers and researchers. Continuum fully supports continuous publication in a way that puts the publisher in control. The publisher decides when they publish, how the conversion of articles to HTML works, which post publication activities are required, as well as having extensible workflow and customisable reporting at their fingertips.

Flexible versioning is a key differentiator from other similar systems with the ability to update article content over time, even after the Version of Record is published. When this occurs the system manages access to all previous iterations across all users.

eLife 2.0 home screens.

A publishing dashboard is provided to manage the publishing process. From receipt of the data in JATS format from a content processor an article takes about five minutes to run through the system, and can be published instantaneously from the dashboard. Articles are published onto a website that is best in class in terms of usability ‘out-of-the-box’ and is open to easy modification. Publishers themselves can decide the prioritisation of new features and enhancements to Continuum within a flexible and open framework.

Continuum publishing dashboard.

What is Digirati’s involvement?

Digirati worked in strategic partnership with eLife to deliver the Continuum solution as one collaborative team. Digirati will now go on to provide support and services for other adopters of the solution. This will include:

  • Consultancy for the platform from strategy and UX to technical services and training.
  • Further development of the core solution to meet other common use cases and ease adoption.
  • Facilitation of community engagement to drive the Product Roadmap.
  • Code governance including rigorous automated testing.
  • Provision of a Continuum for publishers who want to get up and running quickly and at low cost.

We can also organise consultation with the eLife team so that customers can benefit from their experience of the platform as a publisher as well as their expertise on the business and strategic elements of OA publishing.

How can I learn more?

You can go straight to Github and download the technical documentation: There will be an updated version of this late summer to coincide with a new code distribution of further enhancements that cover more generic common use cases for the wider OA publishing community.

There will be a number of blog posts being released during the remainder of 2017 starting with this one that talks through the UX improvements to the front end website: Welcome to eLife 2.0

We will provide further updates via our website and social media channels as further material is released. We would be more than happy to provide a demonstration of Continuum and if it looks to be a possible candidate for you we can build a quick proof of concept sampling some of your own content. The Platform as a Service will be ready by early Autumn, if you wish to be notified when it is released or require any other further information please email