Who We Are

A track record of delivering a step change for our customers in terms of the discovery and sharing of information and knowledge.

About Us

Since we were founded in 2002, Digirati have been delivering solutions that at their core make it easier to find and share information. Our services and software enable our customers to enrich and unlock the value of their content and data. The best practices and technical expertise we have developed has been proven to have a significant impact to a wide variety of sectors and use cases.

So, whether you are a publisher requiring a new publishing platform with improved usability, a corporate organisation that needs to build better team collaboration through a new digital workspace solution or a better customer experience, or an archive looking to better expose your special collections to the world: we have the skills and experience to ensure the delivery of your objectives.

Our engagement model aims to take the best elements of working with an agency (rich set of services, tailored solutions) and a vendor (stable supported software, evolving product roadmap) whilst minimising the pitfalls such as vendor lock-in and poor maintainability of bespoke agency-built software. We do this by creating our solutions using reusable modular shared components built by us, our partners, as part of a developer community or in partnership with our customers themselves.

This approach enables us to quickly and cost-effectively create working software that is closely tailored to customer needs. Combined with an open infrastructure approach we can provide maximum future flexibility for the customer. And our comprehensive set of structured services take you through the delivery process from strategy and user experience to integration, engineering and ongoing operation.