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Some members of the Digirati team during a video call.

Digirati are a digital consultancy and software company founded in 2002 inspired by the early vision of the open internet and the potential of digital technology for all. Our cross-functional team of strategists, designers and engineers have gained valuable experience across many sectors before tightening their focus to the needs of research, publishing and memory organisations. The interrelated use cases and technologies across these areas have proved a fertile ground for innovation and enabled us to work on projects that ultimately have a clear positive social impact.

We work in the open and aim to include a truly representative set of voices in our integrated delivery processes and services to ensure our projects are grounded in real world engagement and diverse perspectives. We aim to maximise the benefits of open standards, open software infrastructure and take a community-driven approach to software roadmapping and development where appropriate.

We define ourselves as a purpose-driven business, by remaining an SME we have the freedom to only work on projects that clearly align with our interests and values. Our commercial strategy balances the need for financial stability with ensuring good value for our customers, surplus revenues are typically reinvested into R&D and the continued development of our team. We are privately owned with no venture capital attached, no short-term exit plans, we simply continue to evolve our practice to deliver good innovative work consistent with the ethos we established nearly 20 years ago.

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