Who We Are

A comprehensive range of services and solutions to unlock the value of your digital content and data.

About Us

Digirati were founded in 2002 focusing on delivering digital platforms and transformations for a range of public and private sector organisations. As part of our more recent evolution we have been collaborating closely with cultural heritage, scientific, academic and professional researchers and publishers to bring engineering and product design innovations.

These innovations bring much improved preservation, management, publishing, discovery and enrichment of digital content and data. Our mission is to provide services and solutions which take a holistic approach to these areas in order to truly unlock the value of our customers content and data. We see a growing number of use cases for this approach across many sectors.

Digirati are primarily a services company and provide a comprehensive range of joined up best practice digital services from strategy and user experience to engineering and integrations. We also design and build products and tools, either on behalf of our customers or to enable us to deliver better value and outcomes for our customer projects. We have also delivered shared platforms and open infrastructures across whole sectors.

We aim to be ‘good players’ within the communities of practice we inhabit by making these initiatives available as open source whenever it is practical as well as sharing our best practices through community engagement. We have facilitated, or contributed to, a number of community-led initiatives. Through this wider collaborative approach we have enabled innovation to address common requirements that would be extremely difficult to address on a customer by customer basis.